Hunting Collective 2017 Rowena Martinich Exhibition

Hunting Collective 2017 Rowena Martinich Exhibition

Online design and homewares emporium Hunting for George are back at it again, this time with their 2017 Hunting Collective. An initiative dedicated to showcasing the work of local artists, Hunting for George will showcase the original artworks by Melbourne based artist, Rowena Martinich in their Richmond Showroom.

Renowned for her use of radiant colour, Martinich’s vibrant abstract paintings have received international acclaim with her works gracing many buildings throughout the world. Her works include major public art projects in Istanbul, Turkey, Xian Yang, China, and residencies and exhibitions in Prato, Italy and Lyon, France. Closer to home, Martinich has injected life and colour into city centres as well as into regional Australia, completing large-scale murals in otherwise isolated communities.

This exhibition showcases a new direction in Martinich’s works. “With my new body of work there has been a slight departure from the dripping walls of colour that a lot of people know. I’ve worked primarily on the floor, bringing the canvases off the wall.” Says Martinich. “I always hope my paintings end up in a home where someone really appreciates them. Where they get uplifted by the colours, and the feeling and energy that goes into the paintings.”

Now in its third year, the Hunting Collective is a passion project pioneered by Hunting for George Co-founder and Brand Director Lucy Glade-Wright. “The Hunting Collective means a great deal to me. I have always been fascinated by the creative process and the Hunting Collective allows me to explore the processes of some of Australia’s most talented artists. Our main objective behind this project is to document and share these creative stories in a bid to inspire a new collection of Australian talent.”  Lucy Glade-Wright

All the works in Martinich’s upcoming exhibition will be available in store and online at Hunting for George.  Rowena Martinich Exhibition will run from Thursday 20th July until Saturday 29th July. All details here.


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