Alex Earl

In generations past, furniture and design objects were passed down through families – they were made to last and the designs were such that they transcended fashions and became truly timeless. Australian designer Alex Earl prides himself on the fact that his designs will indeed last a lifetime, and these designs are certainly something that you would be proud to show off for even longer than that, passing them down through generations.

Alex Earl runs a Melbourne-based design studio that revel in exploring materiality in a way that brings absolute joy to both the team who makes these incredible items, as well as the lucky customers who purchase them for either residential or commercial spaces. With over a decade worth of experience in designing and making, Alex Earl was destined to a life in the creative fields, growing up as the son of a ceramicist mother and metallurgist/engineer father. A compulsion to make things began in Alex’s childhood and continues to this day.

Alex says, “I’ve always been drawn to materials – exploring what different materials can and can’t do, and interrogating established ideas about how things ought to be made. Often someone saying that something can’t be done, or that an idea is crazy, is a big catalyst for me. I’ve never been content to take someone’s word for something or to follow rules or orthodoxy.”

If you’re heading to Den Fair, 8-10 June in Melbourne, be sure to say hello as Alex Earl will be exhibiting his work on Stand 210.          Instagram @alex_earl_made


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