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Walls keep the roof up, form a room and provide a large flat plane to draw your eye. You can keep them minimal and stark or fill them will colour, shape and form and create a cosy home. There as been a flourishing of creativity and improvements in technology mean prints can be affordable and accessible. There are so many more artists, artworks and websites that it makes to easier to love something without a huge investment. You can love an artwork for a while and when you feel like something new you can refresh the space with new print, canvas or wall hanging.

Product links

1. Pete Cromer Fairy Wren $95  from Hunting For George
2. Bally Blond framed print from $109.95 from Zanui
3. Campana canvas from $349 from Zanui
4. Salience framed painting $599.19 from Freedom
5. End of the World $499 from $499 from Zanui
6. Inlet $119 from Hunting for George
7. Desert Blanket $310 from Third Drawer Down
8. Ninon wall decor $189.69 from Freedom

Inspiration: Freedom, Zanui and Zanui.

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