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Hi Everyone, today we talk to Andrew from Royal Doulton Fragrances about their story and amazing candle range.

Hi Andrew, tell us about Royal Doulton Fragrances,

Royal Doulton is an English 200-year-old homewares company. My company, Nest Inspirations, recognised this famous and highly respected brand of products for the home had a gap in the market of home fragrance and was offered a contract to use their brand under license to make a high quality range of reed diffusers and candles. I saw it as a natural extension of Nest Inspirations that we weren’t doing at the time and it’s proved to be extremely popular.

The Royal Doulton head office approves every element of the design, fragrance, and quality that is offered under their brand name. Due to the level of trust associated with the brand from their consumers globally we need to ensure we make an exceptionally high quality product, but try to offer them at very attainable prices.

HomeStyleFile talks to Royal Doulton Fragrances

What was your inspiration?

The inspiration for the range came from being at home and looking at some Royal Doulton dinner plates I had in my house. I wondered why this brand didn’t do home fragrance and approached them with the concept of moving the brand into this category that they were keen to explore with someone who was an expert in that field. I had a lot of experience in making high quality products in similar categories so developed our own formula for the longest lasting reed diffuser in the country (200ml lasted nearly 18 months) and matching high quality candles. Both retailers and consumers trusted the quality of products we were offering very quickly and the distribution became very widespread due its popularity.

HomeStyleFile talks to Royal Doulton Fragrances

Where do you source your ingredients? 
We design everything in Australia and then make everything in our Melbourne based factory using Australian sourced extremely high quality ingredients. All we import is the packaging!

We are very proud to put the MADE IN AUSTRALIA (under license) line on every box.

HomeStyleFile talks to Royal Doulton Fragrances

What is the importance of fragrance to a home?
Scent is one of the most powerful senses we have and walking into a nice smelling home instantly puts both equally the home owner and guests at ease.

We instantly connect a moment, an experience and a memory with smell. Our homes are a place of relaxation and entertainment –beautifully fragrant rooms has the potential to completely change the dynamic of the space, encourage conversation and a deeper dialogue.

A good quality fragrance in the home can set the mood and make people feel really welcome, but additionally the look and feel of the product itself can be sometimes just as important. The Royal Doulton range offers understated elegance with the highest quality ingredients available which is why there maintains such a strong following after all these years. Everyone wants their home to smell nice, and the RD range offers over 50 fragrances to suit every taste or mood.

HomeStyleFile talks to Royal Doulton Fragrances
What is your favorite fragrance of your range?
My personal favourite is Rose, Sweet Pea & Sandalwood- it has a beautiful combination of florals with a woody base, and not surprisingly one of the most popular in the range.


What fragrance do you wish you could make?

I was once asked to make a beer smelling candle for a client that I said no to, but my personal preference is every wood element in a candle with some light floral top notes and some citrus elements. Like many, my preferences changes with the season or mood.


About Royal Doulton Fragrances

Royal Doulton have released the 50 hour burn-time Fable Aromatherapy candles (RRP $34.95) which sets to transport you on a sensory adventure- every fragrance delicately blends old with new. Made from 100% natural wax and cotton wicks for clean burning, Royal Doutlon continues to be the epitome of luxury perfumery. Presented in a stunning clear glass jar (9cm x 11cm) with a stunning signature gift box, the Fable collection is available in 10 luxurious fragrances: Scented with triple strength pure oil essence, the suite of Fable scented candles will enhance the mood and atmosphere of any room with an elegant aroma.


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