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Hundred Acre Wood.

Hi Everyone – today we talk to the wonderful Emma Harwood about her very exciting Hundred Acre Wood.

HomeStyleFile Talks To Hundred Acre Wood


What is Hundred Acre Wood all about? 
We love plants and beautiful pots so we’ve sourced some of our favourite hanging planters and brought them all together on a sexy website.
I read that in the early Communist People’s Republic of China they had this thing called sanshengyixiang – 4 items (a watch, a bicycle, a sewing machine and radio) deemed essential for any happy, aspirational Communist home.
Our modern Australian version of sanshengyixiang would have a houseplant as the number one essential item for a bright, happy, less carbony home. However, rather than start a Communist Republic and brutally enforce this, we’ve started an online hanging planter store! We hope it can inspire a few more Aussies to get more plants in their homes.



HomeStyleFile Talks To Hundred Acre Wood


What was your inspiration and how did you get started? 
We are longstanding buddies and colleagues who first met back in London but now call Melbourne home. We’ve been running a small online marketing agency for a number of years helping small and medium sized businesses grow, and fancied giving an online store a go ourselves! We love plants so it seemed like a natural fit.
It’s still really early days for us so we’re learning every day – at the moment our main challenge is finding the time to meet people – bloggers, makers and plant lovers – to share ideas and plans.

HomeStyleFile Talks To Hundred Acre Wood


What are the design trends you are seeing emerge for 2017?
This is tough! 2016 has been bonkers in lots of ways so who knows what 2017 will bring? We therefore came up with a quick longlist of things we’d like to see more of and hopefully one of them will happen!?

We envision more cork, modern Asian art, lizards/reptiles, coloured downlights, protest/fan/prison art, sculptural pieces, dark greens/purples/blues, dark wood, stone and rocks, mosaic pieces, textural wall art (textiles/resin etc.), wigs, big indoor plants (climbing ivy, small trees) and wobbly lines.
And we expect there to be maybe less marble and rose gold, subway tiles, arty quotes, pineapples/donuts/burgers, fluorescent trainers, butt implants, beards, pink and turquoise, cacti/monstera and straight lines. TVs have also reached peak size hopefully.


HomeStyleFile Talks To Hundred Acre Wood


What is your favorite piece at the moment?
We probably have to say our industrial planters at the mo as they come in a bunch of different sizes and colours and have 3 different super-long chains so you can hang them all at different heights. Basically you can get a few and keep changing it up! Our most popular planters are the copper ones though.



HomeStyleFile Talks To Hundred Acre Wood


What is your favorite room in your home and why?
Mine would be the bathroom at the moment – bathrooms are a great space to hang plants. After all, they tend to be a little clinical and can lack character. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for a clean bathroom, but no matter how many plush towels you have neatly folded, a large fern at the end of your bath or a string of pearls near your mirror can really add another layer of homely design and texture.

You can see more of the Hundred Acre Wood collection here and their Instagram here.


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