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Have a room or two to decorate and really don’t know where to start? We may just have the solution you are dreaming of. Nathan + Jac are curated collections of bespoke and on-trend interior curated looks include Bedroom, Living and Accessories packs, handpicked by founders and Melbourne based stylists; mother/daughter duo Tammy Nathan and Jacqui Zarkovic from Styling Properties and Bec Astrinakis from Rebecca Ellie Studio.

Curated rooms - Nathan + Jac

Nathan + Jac

Nathan + Jac take the hard work out of curating your home decor by providing pre-styled room packages, artwork, cushions and homewares. Releasing several pre-styled room packages each year, their aim is to help you add the finishing touches to your home decor and achieve the style you desire. Every piece has been chosen by interior designers and stylists, ensuring every piece works together to create a decor that is both cohesive and contemporary and if you don’t need a whole room package, each of the items can also be bought separately. Neat!

Curated rooms - Nathan + Jac

Avani Living Room Pack

Released in August, Nathan + Jac’s latest collection, ‘Castle’, is a special collaboration with queen of colour and fun, Rachel Castle. With a no-holds-barred approach to decorating for the young and young at heart, they have managed to combine the whimsical with the mischievous, signature pops of colour and happy polka dots along with with moody blues and luxe textures. Their collection this year for the first time features a children’s bedroom and a nursery (what a fab idea for a group baby shower present!)

Curated rooms - Nathan + Jac

Lola Nursery Full Room Pack


Curated rooms - Nathan + Jac

Lola Toddler Full Room Pack


Curated rooms - Nathan + Jac

Bailey Teen Bedroom Pack


Today we speak with Nathan + Jac about their inspiration and current trends.

Where did the idea come for creating such a wonderful concept (of the packs)?

How many times have you looked in a magazine and thought ‘I want that entire look!’. As interior stylists we know many people want to update their home, but the choices can be overwhelming and sometimes you just don’t know where to start. We decided we could help people achieve designer style in their home, by curating pre-styled packs that include furniture, lighting, rugs, linen, cushions, artwork and accessories. We release several different looks each year and spend hours and hours (so you don’t have to) curating and styling our collections, so you can easily create a cohesive and contemporary look for your home.

Curated rooms - Nathan + Jac

Lola Accessory Packs


Where do you draw your inspiration from (including this season)?

Everywhere – we constantly have our eyes peeled and get inspired from so many things! It can be looking at international fashion trends, walking the streets of somewhere you haven’t been before, coming across a new artist … it really comes from so many places and often when you don’t expect it. This collection we collaborated with the queen of colour Rachel Castle, so took a lot of inspiration from her unrestrained use of colour and sense of fun.

It felt natural for this collection to include children’s bedrooms (something we haven’t done before), as kids bedrooms should be playful and colourful, but with a sense of calm. We are really proud of how it has come together.


Curated rooms - Nathan + Jac

Lola Bedroom Pack detail


What are you feeling is on trend at the moment and how about 2017?

As we enter into those beautiful Spring days and remember Summer, we think there will be a real move back to 70s summer homes. Think rattan chairs, hammocks, soft textural fabrics and a feeling of lightness and air. Soft pink has already made a comeback, but we are now seeing deeper pinks/reds coming through as well, perhaps we will start to see a little more romance coming back.


Curated rooms - Nathan + Jac

Cushions from Lola Room Pack

Nathan + Jac’s Castle Collection launched 24 August. Check them out here!

All images courtesy of Nathan + Jac. Photographed by Alex Reinders


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