HomeStyleFile talks to Yulki’s Home Decor
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Hi everyone, today’s Designer Interview is with the very talented Julie-Ann Bigava of Yulki’s Home Decor – the artisan Marimekko curtain makers and online Scandinavian fabric emporium.

Curtains seem to be one of those soft furnishings that has largely been overlooked in recent times. Now days we are expected to accept standard sizes in neutral, mass market fabrics that hide our windows. But expert curtain makers like Julie-Ann are still out there – making creative dreams come true and using stunning mid-century inspired fabrics you are not going to see in the everyday.


HomeStyleFile talks to Yulki's Home Decor


What is Yulki’s Home Decor about?

We are bringing the Scandinavian fabric culture into our homes. In comparison to the dull and generic fabrics of everyday, Scandi materials are art printed on fabric! Although we stock a variety of fabric we specialise in the wonderful Marimekko designs and prints.  Marimekko is a Finnish design company renowned for its bold patterns and organic designs which truly add something special to any home.


How did you get started?

Sewing and curtain making started as a hobby like it does for many people, then I thought that I could share my knowledge and experience of curtain fabrics and design. Be sure to check out my blog which has lots of helpful hints, and articles. Now days at Yulki’s we not only sell beautiful fabric but also offer curtain making services as well as beautiful custom cushions and roman blinds.  We can solve any soft furnishing problem!


HomeStyleFile talks to Yulki's Home Decor

HomeStyleFile talks to Yulki's Home Decor


What was your inspiration?

I do live in good ol’ Tassie and the winters can get rather grey and gloomy. So I looked for inspiration in colours. And who better to look up to than the creative and colourful designs such as Marimekko, Spira, Klippan, etc.


What keeps you motivated?

The moment when a customer receives their finished designs and you can see that they are absolutely in love with their new prints! We love what we do and how we can create colour and warmth in a customer’s home with a unique and hand made piece of art.


HomeStyleFile talks to Yulki's Home Decor

HomeStyleFile talks to Yulki's Home Decor


Where do you source your materials?

Our fabrics are mostly from Sweden and Finland. Marimekko fabric originated in Finland in the early 1950’s and has proven to be a very versatile and timeless medium to work with.


What are the design trends you are seeing emerge for 2016/7?

I can certainly see the emergence of dark greens and a splash of 70’s feel in the emerging trends. But I do have to point out that we should not be bound by the collective – the most important trend is the one that a person feels comfortable with! I want my customers to have what they want for their home.


HomeStyleFile talks to Yulki's Home Decor

HomeStyleFile talks to Yulki's Home Decor


What is your favourite fabric / piece at the moment?

Ah, my fav at the moment is Marimekko Tiara. Just made a pair of curtains and they looked fab. It’s a truly fabulous pattern and was designed by Erja Hirvi.


HomeStyleFile talks to Yulki's Home Decor

Julie-Ann Bigava | Marimekko Tiara


What is your favorite room in your home?

My studio – it is on the top level of my home, with heaps of space and my fav part – a beautiful view of the Derwent river – office with a view!


What are your plans for the rest of 2016?

Travel, travel and travel! I am craving to have a peek of what is happening in the world!

HomeStyleFile talks to Yulki's Home Decor


Thank you to Julie-Ann for taking the time to talk to us today.

You can see more of Julie-Ann’s wonderful work and the stunning fabrics she uses here. Yulki’s Home Decor offers free measurements and quotes as well as a gorgeously well stocked online fabric shop. Shipping is is at a flat rate of $8 Australia wide and international shipping is also available. To keep in touch with all the happenings at Yulki’s why not subscribe to their newsletter – you will not only stay in the loop about store specials but you will also receive $5 off your purchase!

All images courtesy of Julie-Ann Bigava, Spira and Marimekko

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