HomeStyleFile talks to Sagitine
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Hi everyone – today’s Designer Interview is with Tina Clark of Sagitine, the very stylish storage specialists.


HomeStyleFile talks to Sagitine


What is Sagitine about?
The ethos of Sagitine is all about quality. Our range offers a stylish way of caring for the things you love
so you can treasure them forever. We wanted to modernise the traditional shoe rack with a sleek and
contemporary vintage interpretation that will compliment a modern home or art deco space.


HomeStyleFile talks to Sagitine
How did you get started?
I searched the world for 2 years looking for stylish storage. Initially it was all about finding a gorgeous
storage box for my collection of Lanvin dresses, to preserve them for my daughters. Eventually I hired an
industrial designer to make the first prototype for me. I knew I wanted curves and leather handles and then it all grew from there.



What was your inspiration? 

My daughters!!! The inspiration for the design of the boxes comes from vintage French luggage like
Goyard and Louis Vuitton plus my love of Art Deco curves.


HomeStyleFile talks to Sagitine
What keeps you motivated?
To be honest it’s hard to keep motivated all the time – I find the motivation swings up and down! Paying
the bills and caring for my 2 daughters is a big motivation but also growing the brand and seeing
people’s enjoyment of the products is very big driver.


HomeStyleFile talks to Sagitine
What are the design trends you are seeing emerge for 2016/7?
Everything is about minimalism, no matter what your style there seems to be emphasis on clean lines
and monochrome tones with pops of colour and metallic accents. Art Deco design plays into this trend
a lot – it’s all about the subtle details – curved designs and a mix of fabrics and textures, like hints of leather and metal.




Thank you to Tina Clark of Sagitine for talking to HomeStyleFile today. You can see more of their beautiful range here.


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