Urbaani Homewares

cropped-urbaani-logo-gold-e1399330582122We are self-confessed home accessories addicts and love travelling the world looking for inspiration. So we thought, why not find a way to let everyone in on the fun! Welcome to urbaani…….

Since early civilisation people have been inspired to create their special space. In a modern and chaotic world, the space that we determine is our centrepiece, our compass and a place where we can achieve our daily mission to provide for work, home and family. When we pause, we can look and really admire our own space and our personal expression.

The layers you create within your homes and over time become you. They’ve become us.urbaani homewares wholesale

Life is about balance. Hold what is dear to you. Pepper your environment and your special spaces with unique and delightful pieces that are as spectacularly individual as you.

We love travel, we love family and friends, we love lifestyle, we love shopping and the occasional champagne. We love design and homewares and the sense of peace and satisfaction to just “be” in your own home. Our brand, urbaani, will bring this to life within your special space.

urbaani brings together a range of speciality homewares from the best that Europe has to offer. We have everything you need to create your dream home and live in it. From kitchen to bathroom, living, dining and outdoors. We want to create a lifestyle that reflects who you are and tells your layered story.

You can read our interview with urbaani homewares here.



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