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The only thing I love more than a functional piece is a clever bit of double-duty design that’ll change and adapt with my needs; serve a dual purpose or more. With space a premium for many, I know that multi-purpose homewares and furniture is top of many of your wish lists.

Although double-duty pieces are multi-talented, their design is often deceptively clean and simple; a classic example of which, is the Caroma arcade stool. Use wise, this inexpensive retro piece has had more lives than a cat in my home, having a one time or another been called into duty as a plant stand, stool and side table in the living, bed and bath room areas. It’s lightweight, takes up very little space and if you pop the lid, there’s even a handily hidden storage space, currently in use as a kid’s treasure stash.

Recently released multi-purpose homwares and furniture that emulate this winning functionality include John Green’s stunning and inherently useful Embrace (1) which niftily slots together or pulls apart to be used in a myriad of configurations: coffee table, child’s table and seat, magazine rack. And Kalon Studios’ beautifully crafted bamboo nesting tables. 3Blocks (6) is a double-duty delight: stack ’em, line ’em up in a row, sit on ’em, and the chameleon cubes offer about as many possibilities for arrangement as a rubix cube.

A good double-duty piece will go the distance, adapting to changing circumstances over time, making it a super sustainable investment.

The Weekend Notebook: Multi-Purpose Homewares3

1. Embrace occasional table, storage unit & magazine rack 285GBP by John Green
2. Acoustic Vase wind chimes & bud vases from $45 at Design For Use
3. PS 2012 Table With Bowl bowl & table $59.95 by Ikea
4. Dress Code (Botan) table, stool & shelf $855 by Blok at In A Designer Home
5. Vintage Storage Ammunition Chest table & storage $220 at That Online Shop
6. Iron Hall Cupboard storage, display & hat hook $149 at Lark
7. 3Blocks nesting tables, stools & shelves $750USD (set of 3) by Kalon Studios
8. Molger Storage Stool storage table $69 by Ikea
9. Slit Key Holder key organiser & letter rest $55 at Design For Use
10. Ply & Vase vase & table $850 by Caja El Tapa at In A Designer Home
11. Tappo Lighting Storage Table light-spot, storage & table 265GBP by Giorgio Caporaso at E-Side

 Please visit each store for postage and delivery information to your location.


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