Weekend Notebooks

Written by Raquel


Ever get the feeling there’s a little something missing from your home? Lately I’ve come out of the woods – as in my all-abiding love of timber – and started looking longingly at wire, in all its shiny, tarnished, painted, utilitarian and prettily woven forms. And suddenly I realise what my home’s been missing. Yep, unlike all the clever vintage hunters eagerly snapping up cage lights and other striking industrial relics, I seem to have received the design, ahem, wire a little late. But, I’m gonna make up for it and honestly, it could get a little nasty for my bank account. Not that wire goods are particularly expensive, far from it in most cases – unless you’re nabbing genuine turn of the century vintage as per my comment above – the problem is, there’s too many covetable ways to wire-up a home.

For starters, the Tulip pendant (9) from Etsy store Flea Market Rx is drop dead gorgeous, while the Curly Wurly bowl (4) is just begging to be given a (beauty) spot of honour on someone’s table top. If, like me, you’re always fretting and fussing over light shades, it’s time to get a lil’ naked. With the hitherto ugly duckling bulb blossoming into gorgeous form thanks to exposed filaments and over sized proportion, shades are definitely not always preferred. But .. if you choose to shade your light, pairing a designer globe (5) with a DIY wire orb pendant (1) is like teaming chocolate with peanut butter – perfect. And last but not least, one of my absolute favourite finds recently is Finn Magee’s Flat Time (3). OK, it’s not made of metal. But it’s wired up and frankly, I was not going to let this go by! The ingeniously original concept is a working clock, albeit printed on a paper poster with an LED display marking the passing the minutes. Don’t need a clock? Check out Finn’s awesome Flat Light, printed in the vivid colours of ‘traditionally’ manufactured powder coated lamps.


1. Do it yourself  galvanised wire ORB-LANDO
2. Recycled wire AFRO DUTCH CHEST OF DRAWERS by Liv Design at Tractor Home
3. Handmade LED FLAT LIFE CLOCK 150USD by Finn Magee at Areaware
wire bowl sml med lrg from $39 at Husk
5. Reproduction EDISON BULB and dimmable energy saving ORB BULB with hand stitched filament $17.95 & $34.95 at duckfat
6. Handmade wire BIRD CAGE CHANDELIER 615GBP at Graham and Green
7. Handmade wire mesh SQUARE TRAY $30 by Fog Linen Work at shelf/life
8. Turquoise WIRE PIGEON HOLE SHELF with hooks $250 at Lark
9. Vintage TULIP WIRE BULB CAGE PENDANT 150USD at Flea Market RX
10.Steel mesh VOLLEY ROCKER in various colours by Adam Goodrum for Tait
11.Fairtrade wire SKYLINE HOOKS $35 at The Fair Trade Store
12. Hand crafted recycled wire HEART BOX by Jo Recycled Wire at Tractor Home

 Please visit individual stores for postage and delivery information.


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