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Written by Mikaela

Following on from Anna‘s search for the perfect cup last weekend, today I’m continuing the theme by bringing you twenty of my favourite teapots.

I first developed a love for a good teapot when I lived for a few months with my very British uncle.  He taught me the art of making the perfect brew; from the carefully chosen tea leaves (always loose leaf, always Earl Grey), to warming the pot, to adding precisely the right amount of tea, to steeping the tea for just the right amount of time.  I’ve loved the process of making a pot of tea ever since, and I always think of him when I reach for my favourite blue teapot.

I can see why so many cultures have ceremonies centred around making, serving and drinking tea.  It’s so social, and at the same time so calming; the perfect way to bring two people together.  Of course, tea doesn’t have to be just for two people – I’ve seen pots that can hold up to twelve cups of tea!

Here are twenty gorgeous teapots. Pinkies up!

a. Rex Regency Teapot, $49.95 at Lark
b. Babushka Tea For 2 Set, $69.95 at AdoreTea
c. Glazed Teapot With Cane Handle, $39.95 at Oxfam Shop
d. Porcelain Teapot, from $104.00 at Beclau Homewares
e. Vintage Finel Finland Enamel Teapot, $159.00 at Trish Hunter Finds
f. Whittard of Chelsea Two Cup Logo Teapot, $39.95 at Whittard of Chelsea
g. Noritake Bone China Hertford Teapot, $110.00 at Noritake Australia
h. Teatime 4 Cup Teapot – Orange, $35.00 at T2
i. EuroLine Stainless Steel 1L Teapot, $49.95 at Kitchenware Direct 
j. Bodum Eileen Teapress, $110.00 $79.95 at Your Home Depot 
k. Edward Monkton Teapot, $39.95 at Hard To Find 
l. Large Teapot – Red Hearts, NZ$69.95 at The Little White Box (currency converter here)
m. Diamonte Teapot, $39.90 at Red Wrappings
n. Ceramic Green Teapot, $71.50 at Hard To Find 
o. Tea For One – Red Spots, $29.95 at Robert Gordon
p. ZeroJapan Saturn Teapot – Tomato, $84.00 $49.95
q. Rambling Rose Teapot, $49.95 at Domayne
r. Burleigh Arden Teapot – Large, $149.95 at TableKing
s. 2L Glass Teapot, $45.00 at Tea Blossoms
t. Tony Carter British Tea Van One Cup Teapot, $75.00 $45.00 at Peter’s of Kensington

Please check individual stores for purchasing and shipping options.


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