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I did a straw poll the other day to find out what the average amount people spend on gifts for friends and family. The overwhelming response was between $25 and $50, with just about everyone telling me that they have a difficult time deciding what to get most people on their shopping list. To help you all out and to follow on from yesterday’s Top Gifts Under $25 guide, today I’m going to cover this popular price bracket.

The Corky Man Noticeboard from Actual by Josh Jakus is going to be one of the popular gifting choices this year, as it has the ability to look great in pretty much every decor style and is incredibly useful to boot. This Large Jute Basket is a great gift in its own right, or you could fill it with garden supplies or recipe ingredients to really make somebody’s day. Happy shopping!

The Weekend Notebook: Christmas Gift Guide Series – Top 20 Gifts for Home & Heart $25 to $50

1. Large Jute Basket – Swiss Vintage, $35.00 at Pigeonhole
2. Bambu Double Wall Tall Nesting Baskets – Multicoloured, $29.95 at Kindred Gifts
3. Orla Kiely Mug, $29.95 at Funky Homes
4. Wide Stripe Apron – Country Blue, $29.95 at Aura Home
5. Iron Magazine Holder, $35.00 $27.95 at French Bazaar
6. Sky Planter, $49.00 at Hard To Find
7. Peony Cushion Cover, $35.00 at Ada & Darcy
8. Ceramic Owl Cookie Jar, $45.00 at Down To The Woods
9. Pompadour Soy Candle – Elysium, $49.95 $34.95 at Kindred Gifts
10. Beach Sounds Radio/iPod Speaker – Mandalay, $49.95 at Funky Homes
11. ‘Orchid Stem’ Print by Little Branch, $35.00 $28.00 at Gallop Lifestyle
12. Ceramic Bambi Planter, $45.00 at Down To The Woods
13. Blink Designs Wall Plaque – Branch, $35.00 at Hard To Find
14. Vintage Egg Cups (set of 3), $36.00 at Little Rock
15. Large Cloud Factory, $50.00 at Down To The Woods
16. Rob Ryan Bunting, $49.95 at Shop Until
17. Ceramic Jigsaw Piece Plate, $32.95 at Hard To Find
18. Fair Trade Handwoven Jute Shopping Bag, $42.00 at Little Rock
19. Actual by Josh Jakus (FUZ) Corky Man Noticeboard, at Kindred Gifts $39.95
20. Salt & Pepper Bots, $29.95 at Shop Until

Please check individual stores for postage costs and information, and always check the HomeStyleFile ‘All Current Deals’ page before purchasing to ensure you’re getting the most bang for your buck.


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